Chili Cook Off


Chili Cook Off Tournament

Join the Axe-itement


  • 3 person teams (must have a team name)
  • $150 entry fee (all fees will be donated to local nonprofits)

What You Win:

The winner of the tournament receives a custom made and engraved trophy and gets to designate what charity is to receive tournament funds.

How it Works:

There are 2 rounds each team will compete in. Standard 10 round competition where all individual scores are combined for the team. The 2nd event will be “Doubles” each competitor will throw double axes at the same time for 3 tries. Both axes have to match. Again, all individual scores are combined for a team score. Round 1 and 2 scores are combined to determine the overall team score and the tournament champion. In the event of a tie, each team member will throw 1 shot for a total team score. The team with the highest 3 shot total wins.


All funds are being handled by the Young Trustees. Entries must be received and fees paid prior to the beginning of the competition.

Participant practice is allowed and will begin at 10am. The tournament starts at 11am on November 9th, 2019 and is located at the Blue Earth Plaza in downtown Manhattan.

Axes will be available if competitors don’t have their own. Participants may bring their own axes but must be inspected by tournament officials for soundness. Once a participant chooses and axe they must stay with that axe through the competition. Axes may be of any materials, have a cutting face of no more than 5″ and be a maximum of 18″ long (from head to the end of the handle.)

Enjoy An Axe-illterating Fun Time

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